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Changing to a combi boiler from a boiler with a tank is a very popular choice in the UK as it can offer more efficiency to homes with up to 2 bathrooms. All prices include conversion to a combi boiler from a conventional boiler or system boiler plus removal of the hot water tank.

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What kind of fuel does your boiler use? *
Most homes in the UK run on natural gas.
What type of boiler do you have currently? *
A combi boiler does not have a tank. If you have one tank you have a system boiler, if you have 2 you will have a conventional boiler.
Are you sure you want to change to a combi boiler? *
Ensure that you think a combi boiler is best for your hot water demands. Combi boilers are suitable for homes with up to 2 bathrooms.
Do you want to move your boiler? (£400 extra) *
If you want to move your boiler there will be an extra cost on top of the conversion price
Where is your current boiler? *
Choose where your current boiler is located in your home
Where do you want to move your boiler to? *
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What type of property do you own? *
Chose the type of house that closest matches yours
How many bedrooms do you have? *
Count bedrooms with radiators in to make sure the boiler you choose is suitable
How many bathtubs do you have, or plan to have in the future? *
Count how many bathrooms you have with mains hot water
How many separate showers do you have, or plan to have in the future? *
Choose the amount of main powered showers in your home
Where is your Flue located? *
Where does the flue appear on the outside of your home?
Is your boiler working? *
This is to give us an idea of how quickly you need the new boiler

What’s included

  • Removal, safe disposal and recycling of your existing boiler, and installation of a new boiler
  • Installation of the required flue
  • All required alterations to pipework and fixings needed to install to building regs
  • Chemical flush of your home’s existing pipework and radiators
  • Chemical inhibitor treatment to protect your central heating system and keep it working efficiently, for longer
  • Parts and labour warranty, direct with the manufacturer
  • 12 month workmanship warranty, direct with Boiler Central
  • Exclusive Boiler Central warranty
  • A fixed materials pack
  • Magnetic boiler filter
  • Wireless heating controls (option to upgrade to a Smart Thermostat during checkout)
  • Re-balance of your entire heating system
  • New installation, or upgrade of a condensate pipe (if required)
  • Mains gas pipe upgrade from the meter (if required)
  • Required electrical works
  • CP1 certificate
  • Post-install building control and warranty registration
  • Any required external brickwork
  • Customer support line

What’s not included

  • Removal of asbestos (if found to be present)
  • Scaffolding, or specialist access equipment (if required)

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